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コース 各クラスの平均生徒数 各クラスの最大生徒数 F1ビザ要否 登録
インテンシブ (20 lessons/週) 7 12 No 今すぐ申し込む
インテンシブプラス (24 lessons/週) 7 12 Yes 今すぐ申し込む
スーパーインテンシブ (30 lessons/週) 7 12 Yes 今すぐ申し込む
コース 各クラスの平均生徒数 各クラスの最大生徒数 F1ビザ要否 登録
スーパーケンブリッジ FCE (30 lessons/週) 6 12 Yes 今すぐ申し込む
ケンブリッジ CAE (20 lessons/週) 6 12 No 今すぐ申し込む
スーパーケンブリッジ CAE (30 lessons/週) 6 12 Yes 今すぐ申し込む
コース 各クラスの平均生徒数 各クラスの最大生徒数 F1ビザ要否 登録
プライベートレッスン 1 1 今すぐ申し込む
コース 各クラスの平均生徒数 各クラスの最大生徒数 F1ビザ要否 登録
英語 & サーフィン (午後にサーフィン2レッスン) 今すぐ申し込む


Finding your feet in a new environment, especially if you come from another country, is an extremely stressful and life-changing experience. It’s difficult enough having to juggle all your academic responsibilities, even without the need to find adequate accommodation all on your own. It makes little difference if you’ve chosen our San Diego location or you’ve decided to learn English in Los Angeles, CA. In order to achieve foreign language finesse, you need to find a place you can call your own.

That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to give you a range of housing options we have deemed suitable, and let you choose the perfect one for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to adopt American culture to the fullest by choosing a host family, or you’d prefer to share a residence or an apartment with international students that have become your friends. We’ve thought of everything, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

We make our choice of adequate accommodation for our students based on three principles – cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. And you can be sure all the places for you to choose from fit the bill perfectly.


パシフィックビーチ ― 南カリフォルニアのサーファーパラダイス






CEL Pacific Beach
919 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109

+1 858 412 6888

+1 619 810 4445


午前8時 ~ 午後4時 (現地時間)

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Average score: 4,70 / 5

No. evaluations: 349

I'm Gustavo, I have been studying at CEL Pacific Beach for 3 months and I love CEL because here I feel like home with amazing friends and teachers. Here I have a lot of fun, I enjoy every single day, and of course I’m learning English a lot. CEL's location is perfect in Pacific Beach because you live near the beach and after school you can hang out with your friends and have a good time!
5.00 stars from
I have been at CEL for 1 year. I highly recommend this school and experience to everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if it is for a short or a long amount of time, each class is well structured based on different levels in order to make possible for each student to achieve or improve their English knowledge. The staff is always helpful and enables you to feel like home which is essential in a foreign country especially if you travel alone. Teachers are strongly qualified in doing their job. If your goal is learning English and enjoying the climate in California you should book an English course with CEL. P.S. The location of the CEL school in Pacific Beach is the cherry on the top!!!
5.00 stars from
Hi!It's Sophie, I have been living in San Diego for more than 4 months now. I began my journey at CEL in San Diego Downtown. I was so excited on the first day but all fears were gone pretty fast. The staff is super friendly, helpful and open minded. You can always talk to them. If there are any issues, they are willing to fix them. After one month I changed to CEL Pacific Beach, where I still am. The location is awesome!!! The beach is so close. All the people are so friendly and chill. Life is so slow but times flies so fast. I can highly recommend both schools, but for me Pacific Beach is the best!
5.00 stars from
I really like the teachers and all their different personalities. They have an amazing ability of making class interesting and taking care of each and every student's needs. The location of the school is amazing. It's close to everything. The nightlife at the bars, the beach and the ocean, lots of surfing, and the sun is shining almost everyday. The staff at the school are also very nice, friendly, and always welcoming if you come to them with any questions. I love it here.
5.00 stars from
All of the teachers and staff are really kind and friendly. They always try to help students a lot. Each class has less than 10 students. You will be able to be close to your teacher and classmates. This situation helps your English ability better. And there are many kinds of school activities like beach activities, hiking, sports events and other trips. If you don't have any friends from the beginning, you don't need to worry about it. You can make many new friends easily through school activities. I'm sure you will have good quality classes and precious experiences with new friends coming all over the world!
5.00 stars from
Great teachers, great staff, great courses and great location. Thanks to you guys I had a great summer in San Diego! Already looking forward to come back! Thanks for everything!
5.00 stars from
The CEL school in Santa Monica is great! All teachers were always very motivated and helpful. It was great to be in school for two months. I improved my speaking and writing a lot and it was always fun to be in class. Furthermore, the location is perfect to do a variety of activities. The beach is just a couple of minutes away and you have a lot of opportunities like playing volleyball, going shopping or just hanging out and enjoying the weather in LA. Thank you for the great time guys! I'll definitely come back :-)
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